32oz Clear Glass Pump Bottles (Case of 20)

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These large glass pump bottles are ideal when you don't want to keep having to refill a smaller bottles. They are great for business use / work size hand sterilizer, large households, and busy families. With the sturdy weight of glass bottles, they won't be tippy when you "pump". Use for all your favorite ingredients from DIY lotions to bulk shampoo. You'll probably find uses for these bottles on the kitchen countertop, laundry room, nursery, bathroom, bedroom, office & more. Use for hand soap, dish detergent, lotion, hand sterilizer, essential oil blends, baby wash, shampoo, conditioner, and more. Try in the kitchen for syrups and sauces.

Two 32-ounce clear glass Boston round bottles Two black plastic locking pump tops with dip tubes Two erasable chalk labels [use wet erase chalk pens]
Each bottle 9.2 inches tall with pump closed in "locked position" and 10 inches tall with pump open; bottle is 3.6 inches diameter & weighs 17 ounces Neck size 28-400, mouth opening 0.74 inch
Capacity -- 32oz = 4 cups = 1 quart = 950 ml
Dispenser rate is approximately 1/3 teaspoon per "pump", good "portion control"
Material -- bottle is clear lead-free glass; pump top is #2 polypropylene plastic (BPA-free); all materials food grade
Bottle is microwave & dishwasher safe
We recommend hand washing your pump so you can pump the top up & down for optimum clean
Tips: How to open your locking pump -- to open your pump a) remove pump from bottle b) grasp the base of the pump just below the cap with one hand c) with your other hand, turn the pump top counterclockwise
Care Instructions

Bottle is dishwasher safe, hand wash pump


17.000 x 11.000 x 23.000


27 lb

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