3oz Mini Hot Sauce Bottles (144-Pack)

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These mini hot sauce bottles are perfect for DIY chili and hot pepper sauce and bottled gifts. Accent your bottles with red caps and black seals / shrink bands. These are great for canning season and all year 'round. These make ideal small serving, sample and trial size bottles or bottles for a set of flavors. Make nice Christmas gifts, hospitality gifts, and deluxe gourmet sauces. You can also use these for liqueurs, vanilla flavoring, limoncello, wine, wedding favors, and repackaging bulk sauce too. Give your bottles a professional look with our deluxe gold trimmed shrink bands.

Size: Bottles are 6 inches tall and 1.6 inch diameter
Capacity: Bottle holds 6 tablespoons / 3 fluid ounces = 90 milliliters
Clear glass bottles
Includes red plastic caps with foam liners
Natural white dripper inserts with 4 mm hole
Black shrink caps with gold seal and trim
Material: Lead free clear glass, BPA-free plastic caps and drippers
Care: Glass bottles are top rack dishwasher safe, hand wash caps and dripper inserts
Tips: Heat sterilize your bottles before use, to heat shrink the sleeves, use a hairdryer
Care Instructions

Dishwasher safe


12.250 x 14.500 x 24.250


46 lb

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