4oz Black Glass Dropper Bottles (Case of 120)

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Our bulk pack of 6 glass dropper bottles are convenient, high quality and so useful that you will want to buy them again.

Aromatherapy and essential oils
Herbal treatments, ointments, tinctures and perfumes
DIY cosmetic blends of hair, skin, body or beard oil
Measuring bleach, hydrogen peroxide, cleaning solvents, and medicines dispensed by the drop
Kitchen use: homemade extracts, flavorings, liquid stevia or monk fruit, and food coloring
Laboratory and scientific equipment
Measuring dyes for arts, crafts, candle making and more

Opaque black-coated glass for UV protection
Classic Boston round style bottles
Bottle capacity: 4 ounces = 120 ml = 1/2 cup
Eyedropper dispensing capacity: dropper dispenses approx. 1/4 teaspoon or 12-24 drops [dropper is not intended to fill all the way; it is long to fit in the length of your bottle, not to be a super dropper; number of drops will vary depending on how gently you squeeze the bulb but the max amount in the dropper will be 1/4 teaspoon]
Large Size: 5.5 inches tall by 2 inch diameter (bottle without dropper 4.5 inches)
Mouth opening: 13 mm
Material: lead free glass, rubber dropper top, phenolic lid, and clear glass dropper
Lead-free glass, medical grade, food safe reusable bottle
Economy bundle of 6 bottles with 6 glass droppers
Packaging: Carefully boxed with cardboard dividers
Droppers are packaged separately in molded foam casing to protect your glass droppers, just insert each glass stem into dropper cap to use.
Special feature: Write directly on the glass to label using a chalk marker; easily wash off
Care Instructions

Dishwasher safe


16.000 x 12.750 x 22.750


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