4oz Clear Plastic Jars with Labels & Spatulas & Lids

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Easily store cosmetics, creams, & beauty supplies with our sturdy PET* straight-sided containers. Each jar comes with a label and spatula for easy ID and dispensing. Use for face creams, balms, body butter, sugar scrubs, sunscreen, travel toiletries, hand cream, coconut oil, aromatherapy essential oil blends, party and wedding favors, DIY personal care blends, and much more.

Not just for beauty supply though, these also are a handy size for food and kitchen storage of spices, herbs, snacks and small baking supplies. Or use them in the utility room for screws & nails. How about in the classroom or office for thumbtacks and staples?

Four-ounce capacity jar is 2 inches tall and 3 inches diameter and holds half cup.
Lids are sturdy black plastic with an LDPE coated foam liner to give long-term moisture protection and keep airtight. Lid has a smooth skirt to give a sleek profile.

Note: PET refers to the type of plastic. It is #1 plastic which is tested BPA-free. PET is not recommended for storage of 100% oil ingredients but is fine for blends and mixtures. Recommend: hand wash. Heat tolerance to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Do NOT put in dishwasher or microwave.
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