4oz Hexagon Jars (24-pack)

Clear Glass Bottles for Spices, Party Favors, Jams Etc
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These jars from Cornucopia Brands are perfect for preserving summer goodness for the fall and winter months. These small high quality glass hexagon jars are ideal for a wide variety of applications including jams, jellies and honey. Use for party favors, homemade treats, candles, spice storage, creams, scrubs and DIY projects. These elegant 6-faceted jars with gold lug-style lids are perfect for gifts and samples.

Wedding & party favors
Package food such as candy, pickles, food storage & chutney
Store beads, sewing notions, craft items, or hardware
Use for spices & herbs
Share product samples.
Make homemade candles or use as votive candle holders
Create decorations or crafts

Quantity - 12 jars
Size - 2.5 inches wide on sides / 2.75 inches diameter at angles; 2.5 inches tall with lid
Lid dimensions - 2.4 inch diameter
Lid mouth opening - 1.75 inches diameter
6 sided jar (hexagonal)
Color - Clear with gold-color lid
Lug-style lids have plastisol liner suitable for one-time use hot fill canning [acidic substances, jams / jellies, etc.]
Weight - Empty jar with lid each weighs 4.4 ounces
Capacity - 4 fluid ounces = 1/2 cup = 120 milliliters
Labeling - Top can hold 1.5 inch diameter round label. Side panel max. 1.3 inch wide label x 1.6 inch high label.
Food safe, lead free glass, BPA-free lids, freezer safe; jar is microwave safe (don't put metal lid in microwave)
Lids will adhere to a magnetic surface, your magnet needs to be strong enough to support 5 ounces
Eco-friendly recyclable glass, reusable jars
Glass has high heat tolerance 300 degrees F+
Wash before using; jars are top rack dishwasher safe; hand wash lids for best results
IMPORTANT NOTE - 4 ounces is based on fl oz, if your product is lightweight like herbs, go by space capacity which is 1/2 cup
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