50/50 Perlite Vermiculite Blend (2 Quarts)

Premixed Soil additive for Moisture Control and Drainage
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Both perlite and vermiculite are put to use in the garden to improve drainage, prevent compacted soil and increase moisture retention. They are both used widely in gardening.

What does Perlite do? - Perlite are the white pieces you see in most retail potting mixes. Perlite, an all natural volcanic glass that is popped like popcorn under high heat. This creates a light airy stone like material. It is known for its ability to increase soil aeration when incorporated in mixes. This allows for quality water retention and shedding away of excess water or "soupy" moisture.

What does Vermiculite do? - Vermiculite is an all natural silicate mineral closely related to mica. Vermiculite is used widely in horticulture for its moisture and nutrition retention ability, allowing for the absorption and slow release of both.

Seed starting
Plant propagation from cuttings or division
Succulents and cacti
Orchids which need well draining medium
Carnivorous plants
soil additive for potting mixes, containers, and raised beds

Horticultural perlite
Horticultural vermiculite
Care Instructions

Store in a cool, dry place.


3.000 x 9.000 x 7.500


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