50 Yards Black Polypropylene 1-Inch Webbing (Case of 30)

Great for Bags, Outdoor Gear; Collars, Leashes, Halters, Sporting Gear
$458.99 USD

Many people prefer to use polypropylene webbing because it is soft and flexible. It is waterproof and suitable for many outdoor uses. It is commonly used in bag handles, backpack straps, tent fastens, sleeping bag ties, life jacket straps, dog collars & leashes, animal halters and harness, hammocks, cargo fastens, sports equipment, diving gear, shoes, belts, and more. It won't stretch like nylon so is preferable to nylon for many of these uses. And it has more resistance than nylon to damage from grease, oil and chemicals.

Quantity: We offer a convenient 50-yard roll of black polypropylene webbing
Dimensions: 1-inch diameter with a 1.2mm thickness (manually measured so not exact).
Works well with D-rings and buckles that are made for 1-inch diameter.
Weight: 1 pound
10-inch diameter before cutting roll
Color: Black.
Approximate breaking strength is 500+ pounds but that varies due to application of the product.
PLEASE NOTE: It is normal for rolls to occasionally contain factory splices.
Care Instructions

Machine wash cold


24.000 x 10.000 x 19.000


43.3 lb

SKU: 30X_SH_713_CASE