6oz Hexagon Glass Jars (12-Pack)

Empty Hex Jars w/Gold Lids for Party Favors, Jams, Samples & More
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Our small high quality glass hexagon jars are ideal for a wide variety of applications. Use them for party favors, jams, jellies or honey, homemade treats, candles, spice storage, creams, scrubs and other crafts or DIY projects. These jars are elegant 6-faceted jars with gold lug-style lids which make them perfect for gifts and samples.

DIY & craft use: Sugar scrubs, aromatherapy essential oil creams, ointments and more.
Canning & Samples: Jellies, jams, fruit butters, honey and other tasty treats.
Party Favors: Wedding showers; birthdays, receptions, anniversaries
Organizing: Sorting jars for buttons, notions, stationery supplies or hardware
Candles: Make your own or use for a tall votive / tea light holders
Herbs & Spices: If you grow and dry your own herbs, these are ideal airtight containers for dried herbs such as: thyme, rosemary, oregano, mint, parsley, basil, cilantro, chives, lavender, dill, tarragon, sage and more

Quantity - 1 dozen = 12 jars and 12 lids
Size - 3.4 inches tall 2.75 inches long [pointed edges]; 2.4 wide [facets]
Mouth Opening - 1.7 inches; interior depth 3 inches maximum
Capacity - Each jar holds a maximum of 3/4 cup or 6 fluid ounces / 180 milliliters (Capacity is by volume as weight of ingredients varies--holds up to 3/4 cup of anything)
Material - Glass jar with metal twist lug-style lids with plastisol liner for one-time use hot fill canning [acidic substances, jams / jellies, etc.]
Label Space on Sides - Each facet 2.4 inch tall by 1 inch wide
Label Space on Lid - 2.25 inches maximum, indented middle 1.6 inches, base is recessed in middle recessed space 1.7 inches

8.860 x 3.980 x 11.020


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