6oz Hexagon Jars (24-Pack)

Clear Bottles for Spices, Party Favors, Jams Etc
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These jars have so many great uses, so we wanted to provide you with two dozen. The jars have an elegant gold lid with 6 facets. Use for . . .

Wedding favors, or party favors
Candle making or tall votive / tea light holders
Spices or herbs (holds 3/4 cup)
Jams, jellies, honey, pickles, and candy
Single servings of yogurt, pudding or jello
Creams, sugar scrubs and body scrubs, bath salts
Sample and trial sizes
Stash jars
Tie with a ribbon for gifting, neck designed to be ribbon / shrink band friendly
Create magnetic spice holders--you will need strong magnets
Sorting jars for buttons, notions, stationery supplies or hardware


Size: 3.4 inches tall 2.75 inches long [pointed edges]; 2.4 wide [facets]
Mouth opening: 1.7 inches; interior depth 3 inches maximum
Capacity: each jar holds a maximum of 3/4 cup or 6 fluid ounces / 180 milliliters (Capacity is by volume as weight of ingredients varies - holds up to 3/4 cup of anything), for liquids recommended with head room to fill to 5.75 fluid ounces only
Color: clear glass container with gold lids
Quantity: 24 jars
Lids adhere to magnets, magnets are not included
Lug-style lids have plastisol liner suitable for one-time use hot fill canning [acidic substances, jams / jellies, etc.]
Temp rating max 290 degrees F, minimum -90 degrees F, suitable for pasteurization / sterilization
Lead free, BPA free, food safe
Label space on sides - each facet 2.4 inch tall by 1 inch wide
Label space on lid 2.25 inches maximum, indented middle 1.6 inches, base is recessed in middle recessed space 1.7 inches
Jars are microwave and freezer safe
Wash before using; jars are top rack dishwasher safe; hand wash lids for best results
Care Instructions

Dishwasher safe


12.000 x 4.500 x 17.000


8.9 lb

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