7-Milliliter Glass Lip Balm Jars (24-Pack)

.25-Ounce Thick-Walled Containers (7ml Clear w/ Black Metal Lids)
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Give your products a high-end professional look with these beautiful thick walled glass balm jars.These low profile tiny jars are great all-around for your favorite lip balms, butters, herbal salves, cuticle cream, aromatherapy mixtures, and more. They are great for in your purse, on the go, travel, outdoors and more. They also would be perfect for gift baskets, party favors, Valentine's, and stocking stuffers. Fill with your own DIY mixtures are put store-bought products into a smaller more convenient size container.


Black metal screw-top threaded lids with foam liners providing an airtight seal
Thick walled glass base and sides
Beveled rounded interior with no sharp corners
Jar capacity 7 milliliters = ½ tablespoon = ¼ fluid ounce
Jar height w/ lid .85 inch, jar diameter 1.5 inch; jar mouth opening 1.1 inch
Maximum lid label diameter 1 7/16 inches (round label). Base label inset space 1 inch diameter.
No plastic & BPA-free
Value pack of two dozen jars.
Jars are dishwasher & microwave safe. Please hand wash lids to keep liners from excess moisture and prevent scratching.
Care Instructions



5.000 x 2.000 x 7.000


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