8oz Amber Glass Pump Bottles (Case of 48)

Empty Boston Round Bottles w/Black Plastic Lotion Pumps
$172.99 USD

Our bulk pack of four amber glass lotion pump bottles is very convenient for all around your home. Use in your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, office or laundry room. Use for your aromatherapy blends, kitchen oils, dish soap, liquid hand soap, shampoo, conditioner, hand cleaner, lotion and more.

FEATURES: - Color: amber glass, black pump tops/lids, clear dip tubes
Quantity - 4 bottles, 4 pump tops
Capacity - 8 ounces = 1 cup = 235 milliliters
Size - 6.5 inches tall with pump locked. 7 inches tall with pump open. 2.5 inch diameter bottle.
Neck size - 28-400 neck cap size Dishwasher safe (we recommend hand washing the pumps to get them cleaner)
Glass bottles are microwave safe [remove pumps: we don't recommend ANY plastic in the microwave]
BPA-free plastic pumps
Lead free glass, food safe

Tip: TO OPEN pump top, screw top on bottle, press down on pump while turning counter-clockwise OR you can grasp bottle of pump under lid [to keep bottom from turning] and then turn pump counter-clockwise.
Care Instructions

Bottle is dishwasher safe, hand wash pump


12.250 x 16.500 x 18.250


24.2 lb