8oz Clear Glass Pump Bottles (Case of 64)

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Our clear glass bottles are both attractive and safe. Give your bathroom, kitchen, or business an attractive look with our beautiful bottles. Repackage from ugly retail plastic or produce your own DIY homemade blends. These bottles make a great accessory size for your office, laundry room, et al.
Safe too: No more worry about plastic leaching into your ingredients. Glass is the best for long-term storage of beneficial herb mixtures and oils. Our glass is heat-resistant flint glass and is as always lead-free. Pump tops are made from BPA-free polypropylene. This material is sturdy and chemical-resistant.


Soap dispenser
Shampoo or conditioner
Face wash or cleanser
Body wash or shower gel
Aromatherapy essential oil blends
Stain remover
Hand cleaner
Dish soap
Massage oils
Oils, coffee syrups and cooking ingredients

Tips: To open your pump top the first time, remove pump from bottle. Grasp top of pump above dip tube firmly. Turn pump top counter-clockwise with your other hand. Pump should pop right open. You will need a funnel for filling.
Care: Glass bottles are microwave and dishwasher safe. We recommend hand washing your pump tops for thorough cleaning. Immerse pump tops in warm soapy water and pump. Repeat with rinse water.


Capacity: 8 oz = 1 cup = 235 ml
Size: 7.1 in. tall with pump open & 6.4 inches tall with pump closed; diameter 2.4 in.; mouth opening .7 in.
Output: 2 cc = 2/5 teaspoon = 2 ml
Material: transparent flint glass, lead-free, heat-tolerant to 290 degrees Fahrenheit
Pump top: BPA-free polypropylene (plastic #5); color black
Refillable, reusable, portable, travel-friendly closable bottles, bottles dishwasher & microwave safe
Care Instructions

dishwasher safe


14.000 x 11.500 x 22.500


34.7 lb

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