8oz Colored Plastic PET Spray Bottles w/ Fine Mist Atomizers (6-pack)

Use for DIY Home Cleaning, Aromatherapy, & Beauty Care
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DIY aromatherapy & household cleaning products are easy to create with our handy 6-pack of eight-ounce bullet-style plastic PET bottles. Each bottle has a fine mist spray atomizer top with a clear plastic cap to prevent accidental discharge.
8-ounce capacity makes it easy to make products for all around the house. Colored plastic gives your ingredients UV protection and makes it easier to color code your various DIY products.
Use for aromatherapy, plant care, DIY cleaning products, screen cleaner, air fresheners, hair care and more.
Bottles are made of PET #1 BPA-free, food-safe, medical grade plastic (#1 plastic). Temp tolerance -40 F to 120 degrees F.
Bottles are 7.75 inches tall & 1.5 inches diameter.
Note: it is recommended not to use plastic containers for 100% oils but acceptable to use plastic for oil blends (5% essential oils, 15% regular oils). For storage of pure essential oils, we recommend our Cornucopia Brands line of glass containers. don't let anyone tell you that it is acceptable to store pure oils in plastic. Always shake bottle before using for good discharge of the spray.
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