8oz Oval-Shaped Plastic Lotion Pump Bottles (128-Pack)

Empty Containers for Lotion, Liquid Soap, Baby Care, Hand Care & More
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Cornucopia Brands PLASTIC PUMP BOTTLES: Bulk Pack of 128 ct 8oz. Oval-Shaped Lotion Pump Bottles

These empty bottles are lightweight (1.25 ounces each w/ pump), easy to transport (locking pump top), and convenient for all around the home. They are a great choice to use around kids as they are not fragile like a glass bottle. Also take to the gym, office or on trips.


Tapered Naples style oval shape bottle
Narrow profile great for countertop, sink vanity, and shower
7.5 inch tall (pump closed), 8.5 inch (pump open), 2.7 inch length by 1.5 inch width bottle (widest point)
Capacity of each bottle is 8 fluid ounces which is one cup or 235 milliliters
Pump output is 2cc = 0.4 teaspoon
Economy pack of 128 bottles
PET #1 plastic bottles (polyethylene), PP #2 pump tops (polypropylene); both plastics BPA-free, food-safe #1 plastic
Locking pump tops (can close for travel / transport)
Clear see-through bottles, black pump tops
Heat-tolerant to 120° F
Don't use plastic for ingredients that contain more than 10% essential oils; we recommend using our Cornucopia Brands glass bottles for these
Not dishwasher safe, please hand wash.
Care Instructions

Dishwasher safe


17.000 x 14.250 x 21.000


14 lb

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