Airless Pump Bottles (6-Pack, 1oz)

Refillable Makeup Foundation Containers
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Sanitary, no more sticking your fingers in your bottle; keep your contents sterile Air pumped -- easier to spread and less waste with this style
SA-approved size for carry-on
Elegant: classy metallic top and base, easy to see your contents with clear container
Refillable: use over and over again


For best results, fill bottle fully to neck; otherwise, it will take a lot of pumping in air if there is still empty space in the bottle
Usage tips: not intended for liquids; use for thicker materials like creams / lotions
Filling tips: put your product into a zipper plastic bag; cut off one tiny corner; squeeze from bag into mouth of bottle


Size: 5 inches tall by 1.4 inch diameter
Capacity: approx 1 fluid ounce = 2 tablespoons = 30 milliliters
Color: clear acrylic body; silver metal top and base; BPA-free material
Small stainless steel funnel included for your convenience
Quantity: 6 bottles; great for refilling, spares and replacements
Notes and warnings: Tubeless, tube not required--works by creating a vacuum; Caution -- allow for the space the airless pump needs; these are 5 inch tall bottles
Care Instructions



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