All-Natural Carpenter Bee Trap Lure

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Uncle Dunkels Wood Bee Catcher Attractant; Non-Toxic Bee Swarm Lure

You won’t have to worry about those pesky carpenter bees damaging your property any longer with our all-natural wood bee trap lure! Carpenter bees, also called wood bees, like to tunnel into wood to create nesting chambers, and can cause structural damage over time if left untreated. To combat this, many decide to purchase a carpenter bee trap, as well as a bee bait. Designed with a pheromone base, our lure encourages nesting behavior, which is more effective at capturing bees than normal attractants. After trapping, you will be able to safely relocate them away from your property to prevent further damage to your house, deck, pergola, porch and more.

To Use:
Apply 8 drops to the inside of the jar and a few drops to the trap entrance hole. Re-apply weekly, or as needed.

Packaged in a plastic bottle with a dropper top
Amount: 2 fluid ounces
Ingredients: Bee pheromone based formula
Made in the USA, small batch hand-blended for freshness

1.300 x 1.300 x 4.500


0.4 lb

Care Instructions

Clean regularly