Amber Glass Growler Jugs 64oz/Half Gallon (2-Pack)

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These bottles are so great you will want more than one . . . which is why we are providing a 2-pack.

Use for:

kombucha 2nd ferment
home brew
iced tea
homemade soda
water kefir
storing chemicals or cleaning supplies
Cooking oils
Storing water in the fridge--especially good for distilled water as water absorbs taste from plastic or metal
Homemade vinegar
cold brew coffee
herbal tinctures & magic potions
Decorative use / coin bank

CAPS: These lids are known as phenolic or polyseal lids as they have an inner cone-shaped plastic seal which is ideal for fermentation. For replacement caps or broken bottles, always feel free to contact us through our seller store. Now double boxed for greater protection in transport!
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5.5 lb

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