Enamelware Cake Stand, Round Metal Pedestal Style

Choose Distressed White or Contemporary Black
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Evoke a classic look with a touch of charm with our, piece of cake, enamelware black-and-white cake stand. Serve your favorite cakes, desserts, sweet breads, pies, bundt cakes, cupcake arrangements, and tiered cakes. Enjoy for birthdays, weddings, over-the-hill parties, Halloween, kitchen decor, and special occasions.

Size: 11.5 inches wide by 4.5 inches tall, pedestal is 6.5 inches diameter
Fits regular 9-inch and 10-inch round cakes
Color: Choose from matte black or distressed white
Has curved rim like a plate so items won't slide off, interior diameter 10 inches
Material: Enamel coating over galvanized steel, food safe tested all metal
Sturdy base and the weight of the iron gives this item extra stability, kid-friendly!
Script: Piece of Cake
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