Avocado Tree Potting Soil Mix

for Germinating, Growing and Repotting Avocado Plants
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Our mix is hand-blended soil for planting and growing avocado trees. It is fast draining to encourage growth without root rot or mold. Avocado trees prefer their soil to drain completely and quickly between waterings.

The ingredients each serve a purpose. Peat moss is great for water and nutrient retention in soil. It is also a good source of organic matter that will slowly degrade to feed your soil. Perlite is often used as a soil additive for its water retention and drainage capabilities. It also provides air flow to roots to prevent root rot. Sand's purpose in gardening is providing extra drainage in soil. Lime is used to balance pH in soil.

Make sure your soil is not compacted and that your pot has good drainage.
Water frequently with an occasional deep soak. Keep the plant moist but not overly saturated. As with most plants, make sure the soil drains well.
Pinch the stem back every time your plant grows another six inches or so, in order to encourage a bushier appearance.
If you live in a warm enough climate, plant your tree outside once it is big enough. After several years, it may actually bear fruit.

INGREDIENTS: Peat moss, perlite, sand, and lime
Care Instructions

Store in a cool, dry place.