Baby Zombie Plush Figure (Case of 12)

My First Zombie Stuffed Doll for Zombie Apocalypse Fans Young and Old!
$203.99 USD

Ok, it's not your traditional teddy bear, but it's never too soon to prepare for the zombie apocalypse. With this child-friendly plushie, zombie fans young and old can practice their zombie defense skills on My First Zombie and feel confident that shambling, stinking corpses will not devour their brains. This creepy, cute zombie baby provides security from other undead evil lurking in the dark. No refrigeration required.
Size - 14 inches long by 8 inches wide by 4 inches tall
Weight - 8 ounces = 0.5 pound
Material -100% polyester fabric and stuffing; all new materials
Color - slime green with light brown hair, exposed pink brains and blood red guts
Care - Spot clean or dry clean only
Recommended for ages 3 and up

14.000 x 13.000 x 23.000


8.1 lb

SKU: 12X_TV_73102_CASE