Bat Pup Safety Net

Handmade Baby Bat Shelter Box Accessory
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Safeguard the baby bats in your backyard bat colony by installing this bat pup safety net to your existing nesting box. Wood and mesh meet to form a durable, unique system that easily attaches to the landing pad of most traditional bat houses. The long, wooden slat at the top has three pre-drilled holes and we have included the screws for easy installation.The polyethylene mesh held in place by two wooden panels hangs down, then four slats form into a soft and safe mesh basket for the bat pups to land in. The long piece of mesh extends above the bin, allowing the baby bats to climb back into the shelter. You won’t have to worry about being an empty nester with our Uncle Dunkels Bat Pup Safety Net!

Benefits of Owning a Bat House
Insect control (especially mosquitoes!)
Pollination assistance - it’s not just the birds and the bees!
Natural fertilizer - guano or “bat poop” acts as a nutrition-filled fertilizer for your plants
Bat conservation - give a bat a safe place to live and procreate after habitat destruction

Size: Total size - 5.6 inches deep x 15.0 inches wide x 26.0 inches tall (14x38x66 cm), Mesh size - 20 inches long x 12.0 inches wide (51 x 31 cm), Basket exterior dimensions - 12.0 x 5.75 x 5.75 inches (31 x 15 x 15 cm), Basket interior dimensions - 10.6 x 5.25 x 5.50 inches (27 x 13.3 x 14 cm)
Weight: 1.33 lb (0.60 kg)
Material: Pine wood, polyethylene mesh
Color: Natural wood color, black mesh
Mounting hardware included for installation
Made in the USA
Care Instructions

Clean regularly


8.000 x 8.000 x 16.000


2 lb