Black Metal Tree Collar (Large 29-Inch, Case of 4)

Enamelware, 5-Panel Set Christmas Tree Accent, Retro Style
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Cover up unattractive tree stands with our classic tree collar. Our collar is perfect for a “modern farmhouse” Christmas from rustic to contemporary. This tree collar will particularly please fans of modern farmhouse decor with its retro design. This also would complement a silver or white tree.

The style is matte black enamel over iron. For a fun variation, magnets will stick to this!

As assembled, this will complement large trees even up to 10 foot tall [measure your stand to ensure fits within 29-inch diameter base].

If you have a smaller tree, you can reassemble 4 sides in a square configuration or 3 sides in a triangle configuration and have a charming proportional collar for a shorter tree or pencil tree.


Big upgrade on a tree stand or skirt, works like a “choker necklace” for the bottom of your tree
Hides the base of your tree, helps hide a bare lower trunk
Keeps cats and other pets away from your tree trunk
Disassembles into 5 parts for easy storage or transport
Better than a tree skirt, no wrinkles, won’t be used as a pet bed or chew toy!


100% iron
Base diameter 30 in. (exterior), top diameter 23.5 in., vertical height of sides 10 in.
As 4-panel square, it will measure 24 in. across at bottom and 19 in. across at top
As 3-panel triangle, it will measure 18 in. at base, and 14 in. across at top
Color: Choose color / design
Easy assembly, line up two metal tubes, drop in pins; assembly time 5-10 minutes
Hardware (connecting pins) comes in a drawstring cloth bag--save for storage after Christmas
Box dimensions 17.5 x 11.5 x 5 in., easy for after Christmas storage :-)
Use indoors or outdoors
Made in India

13.000 x 19.000 x 23.000


33 lb

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