Black Terracotta Pots w/ Saucers (1.75 Quart, Case of 24)

Painted Clay Planter Pots for Indoors and Outdoors
$101.99 USD
By Esterno

Give your Aloe Vera plant a new home or grow your favorite herbs in our classic black clay planter pot. From the window sill to the patio, this simple black design fits into any style. Not only is it versatile as decor, but it also provides real health benefits to your plant. The material of the pots allow for moisture and air to reach the roots because clay is a porous material.The bottom of each pot has a drainage hole that allows excess water to escape after watering your live plant. This prevents water from gathering at the base of the pot and exposing the roots to rot and bacteria. The saucers that are provided for each pot collect the water that drains, preventing water from spilling onto your carpets, floors and furniture.

Size: Large Clay Pot - 6 inches diameter by 5 inches tall (15 x 13 cm) ; Saucers - 5.2 x 0.9 inches (13.2 x 2.25 cm); Small Clay Pot - 4 inches diameter by 4 inches tall (10 cm); Saucers - 3.48 x 0.75 inches (8.6 x 1.9 cm)
Capacity: Large Clay Pot - 56 fl oz (1.75 quarts = 1.66 liters); Small Clay Pot - 16 fl oz (1 pint = half quart = 475 ml.)
Material: Terracotta clay
Color: Black painted pots and saucers
Weight: Large Clay Pot - 1.5 lb each (including saucer); Small Clay Pot - 0.65 lb (including saucer)
Includes pots with drain holes and saucers

Do not use soap or detergent on clay pots
Hand wash with hot water only using a stiff brush.
It is safe to use baking soda or salt as a cleanser if needed.

16.000 x 12.000 x 23.000


42 lb

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