Blue Kids’ Dragon Watering Can (Case of 32)

Fun Mini Dragon-Shaped Watering Pot for Indoor / Outdoor Gardening
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By Esterno

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This kids' watering can is shaped like a friendly dragon, with an aqua blue body. The watering spout is located at the dragon's mouth, which adds a fun touch to watering plants or flowers. The dragon's eyes are made of real googly eyes giving a whimsical touch. The handle and size is designed to be easy for small hands to grip and hold, making it perfect for children who want to help with gardening. This watering can is a great way to encourage kids to get involved in caring for house plants and appreciate the beauty of nature.
Beyond the garden, this would also make a great play accessory for beach sand castle construction or sandbox time. And don’t forget bathtime.

Small size: Designed for little hands, this lightweight pot is 7.5 in. tall by 8.75 in. long by 4 in. wide (19 x 22.2 x 4 cm.)
Capacity: Holds 1 quart of water, perfect for watering 2-3 planters or “helping” in the garden (0.95 liter)
Weight (empty): 3.3 ounces Color: Blue
Material: Plastic
Suitable for indoor or outdoor use

20.000 x 17.000 x 23.000


10 lb

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