Brazilian BBQ Skewer Set (Case of 25)

Vertical Barbeque Grilling Rack Meat Spit
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Take your grill experience to the next level with our vertical grill stand. Have you wanted to experiment with Brazilian barbecue skewers? You don't need to leave the comfort of your home to savor the many joys of grilling with our vertical grill rack. Create restaurant style recipes using these metal rods. Meat layered on this vertical rotisserie grill tower marinates and seasons itself as it cooks and results in the most flavorful, juicy dishes ever.

With our vertical grill sticks you can roast chicken, fish, steak, pork and lamb. Explore dishes from around the world including Greek gyros, Middle Eastern shawarma, Mexican tacos al pastor, and Turkish doner kebab without the machine in your own oven, backyard grill, or camp fire pit.


Gaucho grilling
Tacos al Pastor
Doner kebabs
Brazilian churrasco


Size: 9 inches and 12 inches, each .25 inches diameter; 6.5 inch diameter base plate
Material: Base plate and spikes made from 304 grade stainless steel
Skewers threaded for a firm connection to the base for stability
Easy to take apart for storage
Durable, easy cleaning, dishwasher and food safe
Ideal gift for your home chef or grill master
Use for home or camping, grilling and BBQ cooking
Vertical grilling allows meat to self marinate as it cooks

10.750 x 7.500 x 17.250


37.8 lb

SKU: 25X_SH_1749_CASE