Bulk Pack of Teaspoon Measuring Spoons (Case of 2400)

5 ml / 5 cc Scoops Which Fit Inside a Spice Bottle
$1,189.99 USD

You will never be out of a measuring spoon again with our economy bundle of 24 teaspoon measuring scoops. Each scoop is specially designed with a SHORT handle to fit inside your spice bottles. With a 1.25 inch wide "bowl", they can fit inside most 4-ounce, 8-ounce and 16-ounce spice jars [PLEASE MEASURE YOUR JAR MOUTH TO MAKE SURE IT IS 1.25 INCH OR MORE]. These are great for at home or for restaurant or commercial use. Measure spices, herbs, tea, medicines, supplements, or ingredients for DIY crafts and aromatherapy.


Bpa-free white plastic, food safe
Size: 3.2 inches long by 1.25 inch diameter
Labeled on handle "1 tsp"
Hanging hole in handle also if you prefer to hang them
Capacity: 1 teaspoon = 5 cc = 5 milliliters
Fits inside any spice jar at least 3.25 inches tall and with a mouth opening 1.25 inch or wider
Care Instructions

Dishwasher Safe


20.000 x 22.000 x 16.500


35.3 lb

SKU: 100X_SH_1247_CASE