Calcined Clay Bonsai Soil Amendment

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Soil Sunrise Calcined Clay, Alternative to Akadama for Bonsai Soil Amendment or Sports Field

Calcined clay is primarily used for growing bonsai. Calcined clay are stable soil amendments that improve soil quality through increased cation exchange capacity, increased microbi@l activity, nutrient retention, and water holding capacity all of which increase plant yield. Calcined clay is similar to vitrified clay which can be used for the same functions. Calcined clay provides an excellent alternative to akadama, which is expensive as it is imported from Japan.

Basic bonsai mix: 50% turface, 25% lava rock and 25% organic compost
Tropical bonsai mix: 40% turface, 25% lava rock and 35% organic compost
Deciduous bonsai mix: 50% turface, 30% lava rock and 20% organic compost
Conifer bonsai mix: 60% turface, 30% lava rock and 10% organic compos
Care Instructions

Store in a cool, dry place.