Captif D'Yvoire & Beyond the Silvered Pane (Corgi Edition)

Solo Module, Fantasy Role Playing Game
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Captif D'Yvoire and Beyond The Silvered Pane
A Tunnels and Trolls Two-in-One Adventure

Taken by surprise, robbed of any chance to fight, you were made prisoner deep in the castle d'Yvoire. You were chained up and left to rot in a filthy cell. You have only your wits with which to escape your sinister jailers. Battling past the guards may be fatal, but worse will come when you come face to face with the Dark Forces rallied by the Evil Duke! Fight them, or remain forever in the dark dungeons of the castle!

Step through the Enchanted Mirror of Marcelanius, dwarvish merchant of the City of Talleymark! Enter a world where magic and strife are your lot: barter or battle with dragons, living statues, bandits and behemoths. Will you fight through to the end of your quest or be vanquished by your foes?

Find out in this Two-in-One Adventure Book, with complete, easy-to-play rule system.

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