Clear Plastic Egg Cartons (20-Pack)

Tri-Fold Containers for One Dozen Eggs
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Reduce and re-use with our clear plastic egg cartons made of PET #1 plastic. Use multiple times. These cartons are ideal for ...
Farmers Market or Egg Sharing--These cartons are ideal for transporting eggs to your farmers' market or sharing eggs with friends and family. Gives your premium and specialty eggs that extra touch.
Repackaging--Do you buy eggs in flats and need to repackage for fridge storage? These cartons are ideal. Also easily store your hard boiled eggs.
Home Storage and Crafts--Cut apart for small item organizers (ribbons, buttons, etc), or use for craft projects or bath bombs. Even store Christmas ornaments or painted Easter eggs.
Shipping Containers--Safely ship egg shaped cookies or other fragile small items. Plastic cartons are lightweight for shipping.

Quantity--20 cartons included and one sheet of stickers for date labeling
Capacity--each egg holder will hold 12 eggs
Size--11.6 x 4 x 3.4 inches [when assembled]; ideal for small to XL chicken eggs
Top label flat space--max 10.4 inches long by 2.4 inches
Tri-fold style plain with molded to egg shape interior and clear plastic flat top cover
Easy molded snap closure, nesting when empty
Stackable, washable, reusable, #1 PET food safe BPA-free plastic (Note: PET is the same plastic used for water bottles and produce packaging; expect a similar weight of plastic.)
PET plastic is not dishwasher safe, max temp 120 degrees Fahrenheit or they will melt.
Made in the USA
Tip: If you sell at a farmers' market, have people pay a deposit and bring back their carton for refills.
Care Instructions

Hand wash


12.000 x 7.000 x 12.000


7 lb

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