Coffee Syrup Pump Bottles (Set of 3)

Empty Glass Pump Dispensers w/ Labels for Coffee Bar
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By Darware

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Introducing our elegant square glass coffee syrup pump bottles, a versatile addition to any kitchen or coffee bar. With a generous 24 fluid ounce capacity, these bottles offer ample space to store your favorite syrups, condiments, ice cream toppings, or pancake syrups. The sleek clear glass design adds a touch of sophistication to your countertop, while the white pumps provide easy and controlled dispensing. Standing at 13 inches tall when closed, and extending to 15 inches when the pump is open, these bottles are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. To enhance your experience, we provide a set of 10 labels for different flavors of coffee syrups, ensuring quick identification and organization. Elevate your beverage creations or transform your culinary adventures with our versatile glass coffee syrup pump bottles.

Size: 13 in. tall closed, 15 in. tall w/ pump open, sides are 2.5 inches (33-38cm height, 6.4 cm. sides)
Weight: Each bottles 1.15 lb. (520 gr.)
Capacity: 24 fluid ounces = 3 cups = 710 ml.
Dispenser Rate: approx. 1.5 teaspoons per “pump” (7.5 ml.)
Material: Glass bottle, BPA-free #5 plastic pump top
Color: Clear glass, white pump, labels, pale gold script
Includes 10 label options for flavors caramel, hazelnut, peppermint, vanilla, raspberry, cinnamon dolce, chocolate, almond, toffee, and pumpkin [Note: Labels are packed between inner and outer box to protect from damage, do NOT throw away box before rescuing labels]
Care Instructions

Hand Wash


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