16oz Clear Glass Pump Bottles (2-Pack)

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Safer and cheaper than using plastic containers! Our refillable, reusable glass bottles are BPA and lead free and built to last even with daily use! Glass is the best material for 100% oils and herbs.

Now sold in convenient 2 packs with easy to use plastic pump nozzles included, our multipurpose glass bottles are ideal for:

homemade lotions
liquid soaps / hand wash
face and body wash
hand cleaner sterilization
dish soap
beauty products and cosmetics
essential oil blends
DIY Cleaners
organic cleansers... and MORE!

Use in the kitchen, bathroom, classroom, beauty salon & office.

Constructed of thick-walled glass and durable #5 PP plastic tops, our pump bottles have a maximum capacity of 16-ounces each (2 cups), and measure approximately 8.5-inches tall and 3-inches wide. They dispense approximately 1/3 teaspoon per "pump".

We also include 2 reusable decorative chalk labels to help you keep track of your contents. And, we include two metal lids for if you prefill your bottles and want to store or transport them without pump toppers.

Note: You will need to twist the plastic pump top to "release" it before use. You can then twist it back down to close when moving it.
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