16oz Plastic Mason Jars (8-Pack, Metal Lids)

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Our pint-size PLASTIC mason jars are fun and useful. They are made in the classic mason jar square shape and fully compatible with regular mouth mason jar lids (plastic or metal). However, they are made of lightweight, shatterproof plastic which is very convenient for gifting, mailing, freezer storage, and on the go. We include one-piece metal mason jar lids for that classic mason jar look.
Think of all the uses such as:
Gift baking mixes
Art & craft projects
Freezer and fridge storage
Pantry storage
Spice jars (great two-cup capacity for your favorites)
Smoothies, yogurt, and overnight oats
Storing bulk foods, pantry storage
Snacks and portion control
Storage of homemade peanut butter, nut butters, etc.
Packaging sugar scrubs, body scrubs, DIY beauty
Household storage such as office supplies, tools, arts and crafts supplies

Size--jar is 4.75 inches tall by 3 inches by 3 inches
Capacity--holds 2 cups = 1 pint = 16 fluid ounces = 475 milliters
Mouth size--regular mouth mason jar mouth size (70 millimeter, 2.4 inches)
Closure--metal lid with plastisol liner
Color--choose clear or blue
Stackable but NOT nesting
Label size recommendation--2.25 x 3 inch rectangular label
Care--do not put in dishwasher or microwave, not suitable for hot foods or liquids; use in fridge, freezer, pantry and on the go
Material--#1 PET plastic, BPA-free
Made in the USA

Tips: When using for freezer storage, for best results only fill to where shoulder starts to curve.
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