32oz Glass Pump Bottles w/ Stainless Steel Pumps (2-Pack)

Economy Size Dispenser for Oils, Lotions, Liquid Soaps
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Both elegant and timeless, our jumbo soap dispensers can grace your bathroom, kitchen, office, business use or elsewhere. Convenient and sturdy, the weight of the glass makes these sturdy and easy to pump. Glass is healthy and long-lasting for home and business use. Stainless steel is corrosion-resistant and cleaner than plastic. Brushed stainless steel helps to not show fingerprints. Get a salon and spa look at home with our pump bottles. These jumbo size pump bottles are perfect for high traffic areas or large families.
Our bottles come in a convenient 2 pack with easy to use stainless steel pump nozzles included.

Capacity - 32 fl-oz = 1 qt. = 4 cups = 946 ml
Dispense rate - approx. 1/3 teaspoon per "pump"
Big Size - 10 in. tall by 3.5 in. diameter
Neck size - 28-400 cap size
Bottle Shape - Boston round
Material - thick walled lead-free glass; stainless steel pumps w/ plastic inner lid & dip tube (BPA-free), all ideal for use with food or medicine
Color - Choice of black matte powder coat or clear glass

Bathroom: Liquid soaps; hand, face or body wash; shampoo, conditioner, bubble bath; mouthwash
Kitchen: Dish soap, hand soap, lotion; coffee syrups, condiments or infused oils and vinegars
Bedroom: Beauty products, cosmetics; baby oil & lotions; hand cleaner; DIY lotions and aromatherapy blends
Utility Room: Stain removers and pre-treatment; DIY cleaning solutions and essential oil blends
Spas: Massage oils and lotions
Restaurants and food trucks: condiments, snow cone/Italian ice flavors; coffee syrups
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