4oz Blue Empty Plastic Refillable PET Spray Bottles w/Fine Mist Atomizer Caps (6-Pack)

Sprayers for DIY Cleaning, Aromatherapy, Travel, Beauty Care
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You will never have to buy on the go size spray atomizer plastic bottles again with our handy refillable, reusable 6-pack of spray atomizer PET plastic bottles in a convenient 4-ounce size. Small plastic bottles are great for on-the-go, travel, gym bag & purse as they are lightweight and not fragile like glass. They are also kid-friendly.

These bottles are made of food safe, medical grade BPA-free #1 PET plastic. Each bottle's capacity is 4 fluid ounces (120 milliliters) which is 1/2 cup. Bottles are the Cosmo bullet style slim design. Blue color gives ultraviolet protection.

Bottles come with a fine mist spray atomizer top and a clear plastic snap-on cover to prevent accidental discharge keeping your items spillproof.

These refillable spritzer bottles are great for travel, purse, gym bag, and on-the-go. They are 6.25 inches tall & 1.5 inches diameter. They are also an awesome size for samples, gifts & trial-size of your favorite DIY products. Use them for your own DIY eyeglass cleaner or air freshener or homemade perfume. Dozens of applications.

Note: it is recommended not to use plastic containers for 100% oils but acceptable to use plastic for oil blends. For storage of pure essential oils, we recommend our line of glass containers. Always shake bottle before using for good discharge of the spray.

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Care Instructions

Hand wash for best results


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