Colored Borosilicate Glass Tubes (12-Piece Set, Assorted Colors and Sizes)

Boro Tubing for Glass Making and DIY
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Borosilicate glass tubing is generally used for glass making. Because of its durability and resistance to chemical changes, borosilicate glass has traditionally been used in chemistry labs and industrial settings. You can also use it to make kitchenware and premium wine glasses. Uses include but are not limited to, laboratory glassware, scientific lenses and hot mirrors, bakeware and cookware, thermal insulation, high-intensity lighting products, sight glass, aircraft exterior lenses, aquarium heaters, electronics, and rapid prototyping.

Length: all tubes 11.63 inches long (29.5 cm)
Thickness *=(exterior diameter / interior diameter, wall thickness)- LG-14x10x2mm; MD-12x8x2mm; SM-10x7x1.5mm; XSM-8x5x1.5mm
Weight: LG 1.9 oz, MD 1.5 oz, SM 1 oz, XSM 0.7 ounces
Colors- yellow, green, blue, gray, pink, white, teal, black, orange and clear
Material- Borosilicate glass with COE of 33
Care Instructions

Hand Wash


3.750 x 2.250 x 12.500


1.15 lb

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