Foaming Soap Dispensers 8.5oz / 250ml Capacity (8pk)

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Oval with White Pumps Empty Plastic Soap Pump Bottles to Use with Castile Soap, DIY Liquid Soap, Dish Soap, Bath & Body Wash and More

Foaming liquid soap dispensers let you mix soap with water. As soap is dispensed, it is infused with air creating a rich lather. This saves on soap and water which saves you money, puts less soap residue in wastewater and saves water. Refillable bottles let you make your own DIY soap, add essential oils to Castile soap for your own fragrances, etc. Economical as you can use over & over again.

Generous capacity, each of these bottles holds 8.5 ounces which is 1+ cups or 250 ml.

Tips: Fill dispenser 4/5 with water, fill remainder with soap [leave headroom]. Do NOT add soap first. Shake gently to mix. Don't overfill bottle as you need to leave room for the soap tube.

Other uses: pet shampoo, body wash for showers, dish soap, baby wash, aromatherapy soaps--be creative.

Note: Some liquid soaps have more or less water. You need to end up with about 90% water and 10% soap so feel free to experiment. Too thick soap will clog the foaming tube.

Clear transparent PET plastic, food safe, medical grade, BPA-free, 6.75 inches tall open; oval base is 3 inches long, 2 inches wide; choice of open & shut positions, top is white plastic, bottle is clear transparent see-through plastic.
Care Instructions

Hand wash for best results


6.750 x 4.000 x 10.500


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