Large Pump Dispenser 38mm Replacement Pumps for Gallon and Half Gallon Bottles (4-Pack)

38-400 Size White Heavy Duty Gallon Pump Tops, BPA-Free
$14.99 USD

Our economy pack of four pumps is ideal for home, industrial, and business needs. These pumps are styled to fit many 2-quart and gallon sized containers including both plastic and glass. These fit bottles with a neck size of 38 millimeters and maximum dip tube length 13 inches. Use for sauces and oils in the kitchen. Use in the laundry room for detergents and cleaners. Use for industrial and commercial applications. Use during canning season to fill sauce bottles. Use for bulk soaps and shampoos. Convenient for filling and refilling bottles


Size: 13 inches long with top, 11 inches long interior length (dip tube length)
Flow rate: dispensers 1 fluid ounce per pump (30cc)
Color: white with natural transparent dip tube
Material: #5 polypropylene plastic, BPA-free, stainless steel spring, food grade
Compatible with Cornucopia Brand' half gallon pump bottles
Care: Wash before storing, don't store a long time with acidic contents as it can damage to pump; remove pump and store with plain cap
Cleaning tips: Immerse in hot soapy water and then "pump" under water to clean interior; do not put in dishwasher or microwave
Care Instructions



9.000 x 2.000 x 10.000


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