Cthulhu Knitted Ski Mask – After Dark Purple

HP Lovecraft Costume Prop (After Dark Purple)
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Deep in the cold heart of the Antarctic wastelands, where the wind sometimes howls and nightfall can last for weeks, your chances of survival will slowly diminish like a fading ember in a long-dead fire. Yet, in this treacherous landscape, Cthulhu slumbers soundly despite the frigid temperatures. With Toy Vault's CTHULHU SKI MASK, you too can abide the cold and stalk the snowy fields for your prey. Made of high quality yard, this knit mask has raised eyebrows and a tentacle beard to protect against the cold and wind. This special *After Dark Purple* version is a great item for collectors. Only 600 produced!
Created by the talented Dianna Jorgensen, the mask is made from synthetic yarn and measures ten inches wide by nineteen inches tall from crown to tentacle tip.
This is the special PURPLE AFTER DARK EDITION mask, perfect for Halloween, or just any time the weather is cold.
Care Instructions

Hand wash with detergent and air dry


4.000 x 2.000 x 5.000


0.4 lb

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