Blank Wood Plaques (2-Pack)

Wooden Signs for DIY Crafts 12x12 Inch
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By Darware

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These square white washed or unfinished wooden blank plaques are ideal starter accessories for your DIY activities. You can finish, decorate, stencil or personalize them for your craft projects. The whitewashed surface is a great starting point for distressed rustic farmhouse style. Use these for picture frames, DIY chalk signs, decoupage, square wood trays, collages, plaques and signs.


Size: exterior frame square 12 x 12 x 5/8 inch; interior 10.5 x 10.5 x 3/8 inch deep
Material: fragrant fir wood [softwood], not suitable for engraving
Color: whitewashed in white with natural variations in grain still visible, ready for you to decorate, paint on, stencil or finish yourself or unfinished wood
Included in package: sawtooth hanger hardware with screws for wall mounting
Eco-friendly: sustainable wood as softwood is fast growing
Fragrant: smells like a pine forest
Reversible: use framed box style or reverse for canvas style

WARNING: Since this is softwood, it is not suitable for engraving. You need hardwood for engraving projects.
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