Darware Wooden Sign Holders (6-Pack, White)

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By Darware

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These white-painted sign display stands provide a versatile option for events, businesses, and personal use. Insert laminated cards, cardstock, folded cardstock, Christmas cards, name cards, and pictures. Use to create table numbers, buffet food labels, desk name signs, informative signs, retail signs. Ideal for holiday events, weddings, and receptions. Hold laminated cardstock signs, clear acrylic signs or place cards up to 2mm thickness.
Tips: If your sign or photo is thinner, add a small strip of cardstock with the base to fill the extra space. Another option with cardstock is to use a larger folded sheet of cardstock where you fit both ends in the base. Recommended maximum height of sign 7 inches.

6.180 x 3.310 x 6.220


2.03 lb

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