Fake Stuffed Owl Figure, 10.5-Inch Tall Bird

Craft, Halloween Prop or Christmas Tree Topper Use
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By Decorae

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For ages owls have been symbols of wisdom, intuition, life transitions, and change. White owls in particular symbolize wisdom and endurance; however, owning an owl can be a difficult and messy task. Decorae's Snowy White Owl gives you the best of both worlds: a beautiful owl companion with zero mess.
This snowy white faux owl is a perfect decoration for your fantasy-themed Christmas or home floral arrangement. Use the owl as a tree topper or place it on your mantel. This works great as a finishing touch for a witch or wizard Halloween costume, cosplay or New Year's Eve prop. Use in a school play or as a gift for a bird lover.

Large Size: 10.5 inches x 6 inches x 6 inches | 16.5 inches (around widest point)
Weight: 3.4oz
Material: Feathers, imitation fur, wire, styrofoam, glass eyes
Color: White body and feathers, brown "talons", black beak, black and yellow eyes
Care Instructions

Spot clean


6.000 x 6.000 x 10.500


0.4 lb

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