Decorative Eggs 1000-Piece Puzzle

Oodles Jigsaw Puzzle Collection
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By Mchezo

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Step into the world of timeless beauty with "Decorative Eggs," a captivating 1,000-piece puzzle. Inspired by the intricate designs of 19th-century masterpieces, this collection of gem-coated eggs showcases the artistry of renowned artists from the original 1888 edition of L'ornement Polychrome by Albert Racinet. Each egg reflects a curated selection of mosaics, fabric, and architectural motifs from around the globe. Immerse yourself in the intricate details of these contemplative images, meticulously enhanced to create a calming puzzle experience. As you piece it together, you'll create a work of art that transcends time. Unleash your inner connoisseur and embark on a journey of artistic discovery with "Decorative Eggs."
Care Instructions

Wipe with dry cloth


10.300 x 2.100 x 13.300


1.5 lb

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