Double Seal Tea Canisters (4-Pack)

Round Metal Containers w/ Interior Seal Lid
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Keep your favorite leaf fresh and preserve the taste with our deluxe set of double seal tea canisters. Choose from small, medium and large sizes perfect for storing loose leaf tea, tea bags, ground coffee, and much more. These opaque silver tins protect your contents from UV light and offer an elegant touch to your kitchen countertop or shelf. These tins are also great for storage of ground coffee, espresso, herbs, herbal mixtures, spices and nuts.
FEATURES:: Choose from SMAll 5 x 3 inches, MEDIUM 6 x 3.25 inches or LARGE 6.75 x 3.75 inches diameter
Choose capacity--SMAll 15.5 fluid ounces / 1.93 cups; MEDIUM 19.2 fluid ounces / 2.4 cups; LARGE 23.2 fluid ounces 2.9 cups
Mouth opening--SMAll 2.75 inch; MEDIUM 3 1/8 inch; LARGE 3.25 inch mouth opening
Material--tin coated steel (magnets will stick to this)
Color--silver gray
Benefits--airtight, recyclable, plastic-free
SKU: sh1890xttxMed