Double Seal Tea Canisters (Case of 120)

Black Metal Round Tea Tins w/ Interior Molded Plastic Seal
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Empty Metal Round Tea Tins w/ Interior Molded Plastic Seal

These tins are a perfect addition to any pantry. Store loose leaf tea, tea bags, ground coffee, powder creamer, sugar, spices, and more. The lid sits snugly on the tin creating a seal to keep your food items safe. Want to store something more delicate or loose leaf tea for a longer period? These tins contain a molded plastic seal that creates a more airtight seal to keep your items fresh and secure. With a value pack of 6 canisters, you'll be able to store multiple spices or teas.

Store loose tea leaves or tea bags, great for keeping each flavor separate Store your freshly ground coffee [small batch]
Store travel & on the go supplies like tea, sweetener packs, sugar, coffee, creamer, etc.
Preserve your favorite herb or herbal treatment Keep small ingredients like baking soda, baking powder & spices

Six tins included
Each tin holds 1 cup of ingredients (8 ounces by volume not weight as in fluid ounces)
Tins are 3.75 inches tall by 2.6 inch diameter
Double seal (metal lid and molded plastic insert) form an airtight barrier
Inner seal is molded plastic
Tin color: black with silver lid rim
Not designed to be stackable
Lid label space 2.4 inch diameter max, side label height 3 inches
Care Instructions

Hand wash


12.500 x 21.000 x 18.000


18.3 lb

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