Empty Coffee Cans (4-Pack)

Metal Cans for Kitchen Storage, Coffee Packaging and Arts & Crafts
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Get creative with our bulk pack of empty coffee cans. You can create amazing DIY craft projects -- everything from utensil caddies to vases. Or, you can use these as is for kitchen storage canisters, baking containers, or utility room organizers. You can even use for a school project. Or, make great baked goods.


Size: each can is 5 3/4 inch tall by 4 inch diameter
Capacity: 4 cups = 1 quart
Shape: round cylinder
Material: food grade steel can, #4 LDPE plastic lid, note that a magnet will stick to this can
Color: silver metal tin, semi-transparent clear lid; blank, no design
Quantity: 4 cans
Care: hand wash for best results; do not put in microwave; remove lid before using in oven
Care Instructions

Hand wash with mild soap


5.750 x 4.000 x 16.000


1 lb

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