Enamel Camping Coffee Mugs (Green, Case of 64)

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By Darware

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Ideal for camping, hiking and outdoors activities, this set of 4 mugs has a generous 16-ounce (2-cup) capacity, not a dinky mug!

Capacity: 1 pint / 2 cups / 16 fluid ounces (475 ml) when full to rim, usable capacity 14-15oz
Size: 3.5 inches tall 3.5 inch diameter, with handle 5 inches wide (8.9 x 8.9 x 12.7 cm)
Weight: Each mug 4.5 ounces (128 grams)
Color: Speckled forest green
Special details: Rolled rims, large handles
Material: Lightweight travel-friendly tin with enamel coating
Safe & convenient: Ceramic enamel coating over tin has been popular food safe material since historical times, great addition to your mess kit
Uses: Indoor, outdoor, camping, hiking, fishing, nautical / boating, picnics, DIY decorating, 2-cup measuring cup
Care: Do not put in microwave, for best results don't use abrasive sponges or cleaners

17.000 x 18.000 x 17.000


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