Farmhouse Bakery Takeout Containers (36-Pack)

Rustic Style Aluminum foil Pan Containers with Decorative Lids
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This is a set of 36 charming foil boxes that are perfect for adding a little farmhouse flair to your baked goods sharing and food gifts. These disposable pans are far from plain, featuring a cute rustic distressed motif that will make your food look even more enticing.
These foil boxes are versatile and can be used for various purposes, including holiday baking and cookie sharing, candy treats, single meals like lasagna, snack meal, sandwich, salad, make-ahead freezer meals for 1 or 2 such as casseroles, mac n’ cheese, air fryer one-time meals, and sharing leftovers.
Exterior Size: 8.6 X 6.25 X 2 inches (22x16x5 cm)
Interior Size: 6.8 x 4.6 x 1.5 inches deep (17x12x4 cm)
Capacity: 28 fluid ounces = 3.5 cups = 830 ml.
Nesting for easy storage, rim folds to hold lid closed
Material: Aluminum foil container with sturdy white cardboard lid, fully recyclable / biodegradable
Decorative design on lid says “Goodies” in distressed black print
Do not put in microwave
Care Instructions

Reuse or recycle


6.700 x 5.500 x 8.700


1.75 lb

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