Farmhouse Galvanized Toothbrush Holder (Case of 36)

Pitcher-Shaped Rustic Bathroom Decor Accessory
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Who says functional can't be elegant? Now no more messy countertops. Our cute galvanized jug makes an ideal toothbrush stand holder to hold up to 4 toothbrushes.


Size: length with handle 6 inches, width 4.25 inches, height 5 inches
Weight: 6.2 ounces, sturdy wide base
Material: galvanized steel (steel with zinc coating); 100% metal
Color: silver gray distressed
Four-section: 4 round openings for toothbrushes each 0.75 inch diameter
Notes: Top is welded closed, it is not removable and therefore won't pull off when you grab your toothbrush. Use a bottlebrush to clean. Not suitable for electric toothbrushes

20.250 x 20.250 x 19.250


27.9 lb

SKU: 36X_SH_1533_CASE