Farmhouse Toilet Brush Holder

Retro Enamelware Toilet Brush and Holder Cleaning Set
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This toilet brush with holder 2-piece set is made out of enamel coated galvanized iron. It has a classic look with elegant script to match. Perfect for southern farmhouse home decor. Would also look great with a french country or vintage decor. The script reads “clean”. A great way to spruce up your bathroom!

Size: 4.2 x 15.4 in. (10.7 x 39.1 cm.)
Brush with handle: 13.5 in. long (34 cm.)
Weight: 1.26 lb (0.57 kg)
Choose Color: Distressed white with black script or matte black with white print
Script: Clean
Material: Enamel paint over steel / galvanized iron, interior has plastic insert/liner in bottom, plastic brush, but steel handle
Made in India
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