Farscape Rygel XVI Plush Figure (Case of 20)

20th Anniversary Edition Stuffed Toy
$424.99 USD

He has 6 billion loyal subjects. . . Well, so he claims. While he's known for exaggerating, we're quite serious when we say that Rygel is our favorite Farscape plush! Dominar Rygel XVI stands 12-inches tall and is a special 20th anniversary edition of the well-known character from the award-winning TV series.
Size 12 inches tall by 10 inches by 5 inches
Weight 8 ounces
Color -- beige, white, red, green
Material - 100% polyester, all new material
Choking hazard - not intended for young children
Basic Info -- Rygel the alien in Farscape was designed by Jim Henson Productions. He was voiced by Jonathan Hardy.

18.750 x 18.500 x 18.500


12.4 lb

SKU: 20X_TV_61001_CASE